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If tax shouldn’t be taxing, why is it so insanely complicated?

My Times piece today on the UK@s tax system: Tax deadline — two words to sink the stoutest of hearts. Online personal tax returns must be completed by the end of the month and there will be many, like me, who have left it to the last minute. I did try to complete my self-assessment […]

CPI at 0.5%

CPI came out at 0.5% down from the previous 1% and the lowest since records began in 1996.  Credit Suisse were forecasting a 0.6% rise and so this number is lower than expectations. Prices in the UK are barely rising now (apart from house prices which are not included in CPI – the biggest purchase of your life […]

Dave Lewis has put his running shoes on but the race has only just begun.

Dave Lewis is doing the right things and the other players are going to have to follow in order to compete.  But the right strategy is only the beginning.  This is a long road and he’s just put on the right trainers.  Walking is different than talking, (or running).  And the discounters are taking market share […]

Tesco and Marks….

TESCO Markets will be pleased that the sales performance is not as bad as feared.  Like for like UK sales down 2.9% in the 19 week is an improvement from -5.4% in 2Q.  It is also better than market expectations with Deutschebank forecasting a UK lfl of 5% in the 3Q and Tesco delivering -4.2%.  Tesco had a good […]

Illogical reasoning

Food retailing stocks are top of the FTSE100 leader board as Sainsbury’s trading figures were better than expected.  SBRY is up 3.1%, TSCO up 4.3% and MRW up 2.5%.  But Sainsbury’s sales were still down 1.7% on a like for like basis, the worst trading performance in the 3Q key Christmas trading period for ten years. (Forecasts were […]

Times column on Bank Bonus season

When receiving your multihundred-thousand-pound bonus from the bank that employs you, do you: A) Look shellshocked to receive such a large amount? B) Accept the number with no comment, then go outside and criticise the bosses and the firm to anyone who’ll listen, normally support and junior staff? C) Immediately state that the number is […]

Times column – Smile please time to get your teeth fixed.

Niall Horan from the boyband One Direction had braces fitted on his teeth at the height of his success. Tom Cruise was widely photographed with braces. Even Faye Dunaway, the actress, got her teeth straightened at the age of 61. They are all adults, judged on their looks and yet choose to be photographed and […]

Bank of England fails its own tests to treat women with respect.

My Times column:

Tesco’s overvalued stores may be its next problem..

My Times column:

Tesco – another profit warning.

Another profit warning from Tesco and another strategy presentation for the beginning of the year.   We’ve been here before. Let me just remind you of the pricing chaos that is currently ongoing at Tesco with last week’s Times column: I was appalled to discover that I spent £160 in store as discussed in my column.   I objected […]